Why you have to provide the best quality goods to every one? So that you don't force your people compromise to follow the low lower lowest. I remember most my life time I used to be poor, but I did not ever compromise to use poor quality goods, I spent all my time to shopping around, and at that time I was enjoying the window shopping, I dared not try anything unless I really intending to buy, I remember I saw Reader Digest sending me a world map the best quality map I ever seen when I was under evil boss Danny Lain's control, it was too exp 台北港式飲茶ensive to afford me to buy, I did not know how to reject or return it, I just kept it without paying anything back. It was not my fault, it is Reader Digest evil plot (It was Carry0n Company Post 0ffice box, I did not ever disclose to anyone under my name, I did not suspect any thing at that time, now I look back, realized that it must Reader Digest underground chained with my evil boss Danny Lain linked to JungShiauLin and ChuSheng ChuChaoRen lairs gangsters ev 商務中心il crime trying to use me to shame on ChiangKaiShek; they are too stupid bad ugly evil to know that the rich and famous Reader Digest linked Danny Lain ChuSheng ChuChaoRen JungShiauLin must have no room to shame on a poor parentless naive single woman like me. When they dared shamelessly act like my "1.10.Fool.Moon" <Therefore, I realized how come I must not pay that map ##That map was missed out of JungShiauLin's Ticona office in Kaohsiung, then appearing again along with JungShiauLin's 宜蘭民宿 big brother's wife when they showing up in my Honduras house the year 2003.##not only because that's stupid bad ugly evil Reader Digest invited themself to send me that book under my name to that Post 0ffice Box that not ever supposed to have my mail mailed there, but also it must be my duty as a life time teacher once formally taught in a formal school to teach them a lesson, so that every one like me can just take the book sent by them for granted to stop them from eating any poor coward less evil any mor 墾丁民宿e down.>, they must have to take responsible for all crimes that they trying to place on me. ), they deserve to be killed and go to hells immedaitely(Because that plot that they had or have used unknown times to kill unknown good better best piled up crimes too high to hide. The entire Mainland China and Taiwan Land must belong to the Nation of Republic of China, because Chin Dynasty must be the previous owner, Republic of China took over Chin Dynasty left behind, therefore, all land must belong to Republic of China, Taiwan had diff 日月潭民宿erent situation because it involved Japan Kingdom, that how come Republic of China had war with Japan Kingdom, therefore, after Republic of China won the war, the Taiwan land must belong to Republic of China, and because China Communist used force to take over Mainland China land, therefore, those evil doers out of Mainland China selfishly robbed Taiwanese site, killed real Taiwanese then taken over their ID, that how the 228 lies about. You just need to have brain cells and common sense to know really TAiwanese slaved by Japan Kingdom must have no way t 麻辣鍋o get weapon <You got weapons from Japanese, then, you must not real Taiwanese, you have no right to fight the authority of Republic of China. Because your Japan just lost the war to Republic of China, you cannot be a good loser, you must have no way to be good winner, you dare thamelessly selfishly occupied the land of Republic of China, you must be killed and go to hells immediately by anyone who knows how to do the duty to kill.> to rob, can know those who occupying Taiwan land personally must all liars out of Mainland China. That how your entire Taiwanese must h 麻辣火鍋ave to hand out your land return to your Taiwan military, so that every one of you can have a share to live and die freely. Because you TAiwanese got the land selfishly for selfish crime, you cannot like MouJerDong to have the righteous Rebel right to form China Communist force. You want to have that form, you have to join China Communst, or you must fight to win China communist. That why those evil doers chained with Reader Digest had or have tried to do whatever to step me down to the deepest hells so that I must have no chance to get enough credit or power to tell you this honest sigh 火鍋吃到飽t. I can survive to tell, because I always keep good will to anyone, and I could not see evil until I really know our true God, because only when we love out true God more than anything, then we can have the good will and strength to see the sex power money a burden of crime than a gain of victory. ) . I don't need to pay them anything, it was they invited themself to fall, I did not invited them to send me anything before I pay.That how you need to insist only the best quality car can be allowed to sell to your people, because you force any your poor people to drive second class, you are forcing them to com 盤纏銀兩promise to second class every thing, your country must have to fall into second, third, four.....down to ground zero (Because the low lower lowest no way to stop counting down until your life all gone, no one can have any good remaining to get a life come again. That how you need to nuclear both Mainland China and the entire Continent of America, otherwise, you all must have no way to deal with them to compromise the low lower lowest fall until you all lost all good remaining no way to get a life to come again.)   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 金瓜石民宿  .
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